How much does it cost planning Destination Wedding in Dubai


Ten wedding queries we receive, at least two wish to tie the knot dubai . And the first step is to brief on the cost of planning a wedding in Dubai. That is numbers speaking why Dubai is such a hot wedding destination and it  offers many exotic locations where you can get married in style,With Dubai being one of the leading tourist destinations in the world . Nearly most of the times a couple before hiring a wedding planner, wants to know a ballpark figure on the cost of planning a wedding in Dubai. 


let’s talk about cost of planning a wedding in Dubai with 100 Guests, accommodation at a 5-star standard or a luxury hotel/ resort and arrive at an approximate costing.

[Rough Event Flow] 



50 Rooms for 100 Guests (Double occupancy sharing)

2 Nights and 3 Day stay with breakfast and all meals 

Day 1

Guests arrive, freshen up, have lunch and then get ready for Mehndi and Sangeet Dinner.

Day 2

After breakfast guests relax in resort, have lunch and start getting ready for Wedding High tea followed by Reception Dinner.

Day 3 

Guests check out after breakfast

Above may cost anywhere between INR 38000 to INR 1,60,000 per person inclusive all meals & taxes depending on hotel chosen. So for 100 guests it would total to INR 38 lakhs  to INR 1,60,00000 lakhs. If you are wondering why such a big range, it actually comes down to your choice. Also, expect a venue charge ranging from INR 45000 to INR 2 lakhs per event depending on venue whether banquet hall or beach or lawns and of course the chosen hotel. 

Please note that taxes and beverages are not included in the pricing.

*Corkage is not allowed and you have to take liquor from hotel only. You can also make it like a cash bar.



Decorations – Per event, for 100 guests, we suggest spending somewhere from 17 lakhs to 50 lakhs. This amount will cover floral, center table arrangements, seating, ambiance lighting, detailing elements, candles, designing of the event look and so on. For two events (Mehndi cum Sangeet and Beach Wedding followed by Reception) will cost at least 20 lakhs and can go up to 50 lakhs depending on how elaborate and detailed you want it to be.

Entertainment – Per event, for 100 guests, we suggest spending somewhere from 7 lakhs to 15 lakhs.

 Makeup Artist –  We would suggest INR 2 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs for 3 make-ups for the bride

Photography and Cinematography – This is one element where we strongly feel one should not cut corners. Even if it means you have to fly in your favorite photographer from Italy, we would be the ones to coax you to hire him/ her. It is the moments and memories you are spending on, so we say choose a photographer whose work you truly like. Broadly speaking, it will cost INR 2 lakhs to INR 14 lakhs for photography and same for cinematography for 2-day events.

 Miscellaneous – The elements like Wedding Cake, Fireworks, Sky lanterns, Heena Artist, wedding website etc, set aside another 1 to 2 lakhs. 

When totaled, average wedding arrangements comes in the bracket of 35 lakhs to 76 lakhs approx  

Adding 1 and 2, we can conclude that a 100 guests wedding for 2 day events may cost anywhere between 20 lakhs to 76 lakhs depending on hotel chosen.

 This is the skeleton of varied costs when planning a destination wedding in Dubai and clearly it ain’t an easy task. Hiring a wedding consultant (we happily share our expertise) would help you ease or if you like we may plan it for you as well, so you may actually have a wedding that you and your partner are dreaming about. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pass on the to-do-list to us while you

 So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pass on the to-do-list to us while you enjoy your most special day with your loved ones. The first step to that is submitting your query to us, and the rest we will happily take care of.


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