A client is responsible for all loss and damage to the property of the Resort (including the Resort Premises and any fixtures, furnishings or goods on or off the Resort) caused by or arising from any act or omission by you, your guests or any other persons attending your wedding or present in the Resort rooms.


While every effort is made to maintain prices as printed or quoted, they may be subject to increase without notice to cover unforeseen price rises. Please note: each package is increased on January one (1) each year. If your wedding date is changed to the next year for any reason, the new wedding package prices and venue hire fees will apply.


Your wedding must be conducted in an orderly and lawful manner. The Wedding company has no responsibility to you for any costs, damages or expenses that you may incur in relation to the Resort’s termination of your wedding. No food or beverages of any kind, other than those provided by the Resort, will be permitted at the wedding venue without the consent of a representative of the Resort or a wedding company.

This Resort practices principles of responsible service of alcohol. Intoxicated persons will not be served alcohol and may be removed from the premises.

A client will be responsible for any kind of additional charges after done the final agreement with a venue & wedding company .A wedding company can showcase your wedding photographs on our websites & social networking.

Please read these terms & conditions carefully. If you do not understand any of the terms & conditions or have any questions, please discuss them with our Wedding Coordinator. In paying the booking deposit, these terms and conditions are binding upon the client.

Payment & fees Terms

Its very important to comprehend the value we add to your dream destination wedding as your Wedding Planner.. Obviously the fee you pay to us or any Wedding Planner is an additional cost and could be one important factor to make selection, we appreciate your choice and respect our own cost of business.

We follow the industry standard of charging anything between 10-15% of the Wedding budget for entire wedding depending upon the services extended, role & responsibilities, size of gathering etc. Though we are happy to work as one stop solution. For Weddings with budget less than INR 60 lakhs, we extend all inclusive Packages or charge a flat fee.

The average time & efforts we dedicate to every Couple over the planning & coordination period ( 6-18 months) is : Personal involvement with at least 2 more Assistant Planners across the journey 

500-1000 total emails exchanged

20-30 hours of telephonic consultation

    A per visit to venues or with meeting you (if required, travel and accommodation is charged extra) 4-6 days of dedicated coordination on site with team

Above quotation can be depend on the availability of the subject

Payment Terms 

[ 25% deposit at the time of Booking ]

[ 50%deposit two months before the function ]

[ 25%deposit two week before the function ]

While you contact us

  • Please be assured that you will get a response within hours (if not minutes).
  • You disclose all the available information & share your plan as if you are talking to a friend.
  •  Do not consider hiring us JUST to negotiate the Hotel rates for you.
  • Do not ask us for quotations from Hotels while you have already contacted them and got an offer.
  • Share your contact number so that we can call you at a convenient time for a discussion.

Best way to get in touch with us is to Fill up the inquiry Form or Whatsapp us: +918108041717 or even drop a line to [email protected].