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We believe in creating the perfect ambience that makes the occasion more immense and memorable. We always aim to give the best experience to our couples, so they can enjoy and cherish the every single moment of their special day.

Aishwarya & Parijat

10th June, 2016

They say “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”, Aishwarya and Parijat are the perfect example for this. With faith in the strong relationship and love in every moment of time. This couple is a match made in the heaven.

We were chosen to craft an amazing wedding that is filled with lavishness and full of luxury. With well-planned approach and organized management, the wedding experienced special events, great ambience and perfect vibes to cherish this beautiful relationship into a heavenly marriage. Our couples had an amazing day, which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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First sight love is rare but special. Love that recognizes the true match with a single glance is magical. The story of Shivangi and Ankit, beautiful and charming couple had a similar moment when they first meet in the wedding of Shivangi’s sister. And it all started with these few but important interactions.

Shivangi’s desire of finding a lovable partner, gave her a fresh thought to search for the Mr Handsome from her sister’s wedding. But we all know, a dramatic climax is required in every story. Her parents were already looking for a suitable guy for an arranged marriage, but Shivangi’s will and desire for sweet love marriage, gave her the confidence to go against this arrange marriage situation.
They say every story has a happy end. Surprisingly, the guy, Shivangi was meeting with her family was the one from the wedding, “Mr.Handsome”. Shivangi was completely overwhelmed with the entire situation. She was so happy to find the true love of her life.
We feel amazing to be part of this incredible journey of Shivangi and Ankit. We are blessed to orchestrate this amazing affair of true lovers.

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Some relationships are inevitable and are made for each other, these relationships come together even when odds are against them. This cute little story of Swati and Prabal is one from those relationships. A true match made in heaven!

They were classmates, had no direct conversations, no phone number exchanges, but few smiles and that it. But they met in the college again and this time it was beginning of this true love. Went to the same institute and there they felt the strong connection between them and it started. And Prabal proposed Swati. Wow!!! But wait, now the Climax hits the floor. Swati’s family got to know about their relationship. But you know, nothing stops True lovers. With her family’s support, they got married in the fabulous and completely stylish wedding. Happy to be part of this cute fair.

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17th December, 2018

At first we were like leaves on a branch.Together of a whole Little did we know, The branches would interwine  and make forge a bond.At first the conversations were Like lose pages in a poets bag Tiny parts of a story ,Little we know , The pages would bind into a book, And complete an epic story.


The preparations have been going on since months.Family and friends are busy shopping and prepping and for events.

Every body is excited and full of energy, We are so lucky to be around people who wish for our happiness and doing their bit to make our special day even more special .What a amazing experience it was working with Forever Us. The team is fantastic. So personal, understanding, reliable and professional. We would not have done it without their help and experience. I would like say personal Thank you to Priyancka and her team for organising the best day anyone could have asked for. Thank you again!.

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Vanshika & Abhishek

 February, 2018

The Mumbai based duo attended school together , and their story is a natural progression of friendship turning into love . After a year of dating , Abhishek surprised his lady love by whisking her off to Lapland and popping the question in the middle of the arctic circle while chasing the northern lights .

Says Bride – “we wanted our wedding to be like one big holiday ,and that’s exactly what my
wedding designer offered us . Priyancka helped me to have multiple venues .so we could
highlight different areas of the grand property for each of our functions .”

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Simran & Karan

17th February, 2019

It was during the last fall our parents had a chance to meet in Jaipur and both families were overwhelmed and humble to each other.Next they decided to meet in lucknow.It us very weird to admit here that when karan and I met for the first time, there was so akwardness, no newness in the meeting no shyness instead it felt like two best friends catching up after long time.

About dreamy wedding


Says Groom – “All the day dreams and imaginations of how my wife would be have come true. From childhood I was facinated with the idea who will be my bride and had a personality trait in my mind. Meeting Simran was like giving face to my dreams and imaginations.”

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