What’s Trending in Destination Weddings

What’s Trending in Destination Weddings

Mark wedding are the wedding planners in mumbai. A destination wedding used to be a couple’s easy out. Rather than undergoing an expensive affair with aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, centerpieces and a DJ (band? DJ? band?), the pair could choose to hop on a plane and make all the stress fade away. Destination weddings were smaller, more intimate and, more importantly, far, far away, which whittled the guest list down to those who were able, and truly determined, to go — and typically cut the bill in half.

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Those days are now a distant memory. Today, we live in the age of access. Travel has become an inalienable right, and while that’s certainly a good thing in terms of connecting with foreign cultures and trying new experiences, it has changed the way we travel — and the way we plan destination weddings.

One Big Vacation for All

The No. 1 trend that experts are seeing in this market is that these events have blossomed into an experience for everyone involved. Sure, the couple has their special day, but for the rest of the guest list, a destination wedding has become more of an opportunity for a personal vacation — one that becomes the couple’s responsibility to help plan.

Strength of People

Because travel has become so accessible and important to a wider number of peoples in the last few years, people are more likely to jump at the chance to attend a destination wedding. In the past, destination weddings were ideal for paring down the guest list, losing attendees due to cost, lack of vacation time or general discomfort with travel. But in today’s world, companies are offering more time off, and the general willingness to travel has grown, so guest lists can often be as long as they would be at a traditional wedding.

What's Trending in Destination Weddings